Author’s Postscript

This story has been in the hopper for well over two decades, and I have worked on it off and on for much of that time. The idea developed in my spare time as a church planter in Los Angeles, was released in an early preview while I was in Asia as a strategist in reaching finishing the task among the unreached peoples of Asia and was finally completed as I am in a new role coaching a global network of movements. The plot did not come out of a vacuum, but from my own work rubbing shoulders with ministry giants.

During the early writing, I admired several other books, especially—John Piper’s Let the Nations Be Glad and Bob Sjogren’s Unveiled At Last (re-released in 2014 as God’s Bottom Line). These resonated deeply as I they were saying in non-fiction what I was trying to convey with fiction. I heartily recommend these books to you.

However, I chose fiction to coax many who would never pick up a “missions” book into becoming enthralled with the Great King’s highest goal: bringing all the nations to worship His glory. Whenever this story accomplishes that, I have succeeded.

This story was never intended to be another end-times thriller, but an account of God’s mission—including by necessity the end-times. For years it has been my personal aspiration to be part of the generation that welcomes Christ’s return, and to do so by bringing the gospel to every remaining people group. My timeline has just developed from my straightforward reading of Scripture.

Several novel series have been written in recent years on the end-times. I have avoided them like the plague. Primarily I have not wanted to subconsciously plagiarize anyone else’s ideas. Any resemblance to another such work is purely coincidental. Secondarily I am not that interested in outlining an end-times scenario; this is simply an element of history integral to my main plot of the gospel going to the nations. Perhaps now I’ll sit down and read someone else’s end-times books just to see how differently we view it all.

The one certainty we have is that Christ will come, every eye will behold Him and His judgment will be final!

None of the characters in this story represent actual people, and many of the people group names that figure significantly are fictional. This is to protect the dear workers who toil among these people, as well as the people groups themselves.

Lists of the unreached can now be found in many missions circles. Joshua Project and the Southern Baptist International Mission Board research department both keep well-documented lists publicly available. And Global Mapping Project provides additional mapping and research resources.

Rapid progress is being made, and the facts and figures in this story about the enormity and feasibility of finishing the Great Commission went quickly out of date during editing. They were current as of July 2011, and we kept those numbers so that the reader can get a sense of how quickly this task is racing toward the final chapter. It is these undeniable facts and the clear commission of God’s Word that I hope will propel you out of a cozy reading chair and onto your knees to evaluate where the Father wants you to fit into His plan to save the nations.

In my years of teaching and counseling, I have discovered that the greatest question one can ask is NOT “What is God’s will for my life?” but rather “What is God’s will—His purpose in this generation—and how can my life best contribute to it?”

Contact your pastor, your local church’s missions committee, your denominational missions agency, or an independent missions agency, and find out where you can best be involved. For your reference, a growing number of like-minded initiatives are listed at <>. The end of the task has already begun, and we’re not stopping until there is no place left!

For one widely embraced approach to cooperating with God in initiating church planting movements, see my book T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution (2011 WigTake Resources). T4T is bearing fruit all over the world.

God has an unstoppable plan to fulfill His unchanging purpose (Hebrews 6:17). My prayer is that our generation will choose to stand up and embrace it, and remove the remaining obstacles to Jesus’ return so there is no place left where Jesus is not named.

To Him be the glory forever and ever!