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It’s fun to give a great gift, and Steve Smith (author, new friend, and man of God) has made that easy for us!

You only need to choose (below) which book you want and whether you want an audio, digital, or paper book.

May this story fill you (as it has us) with Biblical passion to see the Gospel preached to the ends of the earth in this generation.

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P.S. — We invite you to check out 2414now.net, a vision we will be pursuing with Steve and many others to get the Gospel to every people group by 2025.

P.P.S. — We are only giving this gift to you, our partners, so please don’t share this link without permission.


Please send me a free copy of Hastening

Please send me a free copy of Rebirth


The No Place Left saga is a thriller series that has helped many gain a clearer view of God’s heart for finishing the Great Commission.