One of the most influential Great Commission books of the past decade has been Steve Smith’s T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution, with tens of thousands of copies circulating in more than 20 languages. T4T has equipped countless Christians to put their faith into action, resulting in thousands of multiplying new believers, disciples, and faith communities.

Hastening begins a two-volume saga that could do for mobilizing the church what T4T did for multiplying new disciples and churches. I commend it to you with great enthusiasm!
— David Garrison, Global Gates, A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is drawing Muslims around the world to faith in Jesus Christ

Whether or not you appreciate fiction, the realities of dual end time scenarios (Great Commission opposition and fulfillment) call the reader to get involved before it is too late. Hastening unveils an ultra-intense, action-packed scenario of how those who obey the Great Commission must overcome opposition from all the world’s powers to set the stage for the King’s return. It challenges us to finish the task at any cost.
— Mike ShipmanAny-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime—Win Muslims to Christ Now!

Everyone loves a well told thriller! I do, and so does Steve Smith. Steve has woven a beautiful tale in this fictional telling of real life drama. The pace and passion in Hastening helps get the message across—with impact. It’s a must read!
Floyd McClung, All Nations, The Father Heart of God, Follow: A Simple and Profound Call to Live Like Jesus

I love the vision of No Place Left (Romans 16:23). Hastening brings that vision to our doorstep in a novel that doubles as both a gripping story and a training manual for us to be on mission as the ends of the earth!
— Jeff Sundell, U.S. CPM Trainer

Hastening is a mission training manual in a novel! Every Christian will enjoy it; every prospective or current missionary will envision themselves “living it”; every minister will discover how they can play a vital role in world missions and expand their reach locally and globally. Finally a novel not just about Christian life, but a passionately alive Christian mission!
— Neill M., Field CPM Trainer

Steve Smith lives the lifestyle of someone completely sold out to serving our Lord’s Great Commission. In this book he creatively challenges all of us to have the greatest possible impact on eternity. Although Hastening is fiction, it is very realistic in the sacrifices necessary and opposition that has and will arise. Read this book and then think and pray about how we could make fiction into reality!
— Stan Parks, CPM trainer/coach, VP Global Strategies, Act Beyond

Hastening is a course on completing the Great Commission, disguised as a novel. The author is a top trainer and practitioner of Church Planting Movements, and has harnessed the power of story to convey deep truths that need to be understood by any serious Christian.
— Curtis Sergeant, CPM trainer, Metacamp